What We Do

Garden Peas being packed for school children to learn to grow their own school dinners (well, learn how to grow pea seeds anyway).

Seed Packers

What We Do


We pack anything from broad beans to begonia seed. Some seed is packed by volume/weight, some by counting it. F1 Cucumber seeds tend to be expensive so we frequently pack precisely four seeds into a sachet. Poppy seed is relatively inexpensive, so we would more likely pack 4,000 seeds into a (small) sachet. It all depends upon your requirements.

Then what do you want done with the sachets of seed? We can pack them into colour packets, attach them to printed cards or maybe you have another special requirement. We (usually) like a challenge…

Serving businesses across the UK

Packing by practical problem solving

If you have some seed that you want packing, or you have some free-flowing, granular material that you want packing, then contact us to discuss your requirements.


Attaching sachets to postcard-sized promotional material

A selection of some of the sachet sizes and materials available, varying from ‘cello-poly’ (clear) to ‘paper-poly’ (translucent) to poly-foil (silvery) to ‘paper-poly-foil’ (white). Horses for courses…

We have a ‘team’ of machines, called such names as Tomasina, Melanie, Gertrude, Tim & Marigold to name a few. No, we’re not mad (contrary to popular belief), but quite simply we have to identify each machine for good production planning reasons and their names reflect what they are best adapted to pack. So Tomasina (Tom) counts tomatoes, Mel counts melons, Gerty handles the largest seeds like gourds & pumpkins, Tim likes to think he has a hareem but actually packs the tiny as in ‘Tiny Tim’ seeds and Marigold – now surely you can work that one out? It’s a fine line between madness and genius … but we are reliably informed we are more former than latter.