We are a small business, having been established longer than I care to recall, giving a very personalised service to a variety of select clients (one of whom could be you!). We primarily pack flower and vegetable seeds into sachets and on occasions we pack those sachets into colour packets. Some seeds are packed by volume (effectively by weight), others are counted, principally depending upon the seed’s value.

Typically, but not exclusively, our clients provide us with a bag of seed which we pack into sachets. These might be inserted into colour packets or added to growing kits. We also do other ‘exciting’ things with sachets, such as attach them to printed material (such as postcard-sized promotional cards) or send them to schools to educate tomorrow’s gardeners (see Rocket Seed into Space).

The fruits of our packing


Both our packaging of our clients’ seed and the grown seed are regularly on display at the Chelsea Flower Show on our clients’ stands​. The picture shows one such display

With Whom We Work


Some of our clients prefer to appear to be packing their seed inhouse so that to be quoted here would not suit their purposes. To simply quote those clients who are happy to recommend our services would paint an incomplete picture. However, we do have satisfied clients and this is borne out by the business having been in existence for over forty years.

These clients require us to produce sachets of seed for inclusion in colour packets (as seen in garden centres), for inclusion in growing kits (again garden centres, but often supermarkets or online sales) or for attachment to promotional material, such as postcard-sized flyers. We have even packed seed that orbited the Earth in a multi-school science project to establish if there are any changes, good or bad, from such travel – for the seed, not Astronaut Tim Peake!

Happy clients

What our Clients say

Lucy M

“We find Seed Packers always provide a very personal and personalised service.”

Harry F

“Great attention to detail, nothing too much trouble for the team at Seed Packers Ltd”


“Whenever I start a project with Seed Packers I feel confident that it will run smoothly – I wish that were true elsewhere”